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Tuesday, February 7th, 2017
2:30 pm
Still around. Mostly not posting but occasionally reading.
I think it’s been over a year since I last posted, and for the same reason I haven’t posted here, I’ve not joined Twitter; nothing too interesting to post and not much interest in it anyways. Life keeps chugging along and my life hasn’t been too overly excitement worthy of posting. Good part about that is there’s been very little drama in my life.

In brief, I’ve kind of been drifting away from furry since most have moved to Twitter, and I’m not at the moment making fursuits anymore. The lack of fursuit building has mainly been a motivation thing too.

Due to that, I did decide a little over a year ago to learn a couple of things that would be beneficial to me. One was how to repair cars and understand their operation much better, and the other main one was financial stuff.

The car stuff stemmed from me already doing maintenance on my motorbikes and wanting to save some money with car repairs. I now want to see how long I can keep my car going. This will also save me a lot of money.

Speaking of which, money, and knowing how financial stuff works better has also been an interest. It’s also good to know how to eventually become self sufficient without a job, so I’ve been learning that too.

Like I said, nothing too interesting there to most people. To keep thing relevant to furry, I am planning on going to AC and MWFF again this year. So far, no other plans to go to any other con though. Don’t plan on going on Twitter either since I have a bad habit of neglecting online accounts.

For those still with us in LJ-land; nice to see more than 140 characters out of you!
Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
1:38 pm
Going to AC, and about trips in general
So, yes. I will be going to AC, as I’ve skipped the replacement for FCN (MCFC) this year and I’ll probably be missing another con down later in the year. I’m down 2 conventions this year with nothing to replace them. I skipped on AC last year, but I had the other 2 I went to last year. The other con I know I’ll make for sure later this year is MFF, or MWFF, whichever you choose to call it. Potentially look for a fire lion or a shiba inu (I know there could be lots of those) at AC.

Going forward, I’m going to have to plan my vacations a bit differently. Work’s decided that I should be working in the office far from me, giving me a 160km / 100 mile daily commute. While I don’t mind driving, gas here is not cheap at around $1.40 a liter or $5US a gallon (US) and is causing a significant amount of strain financially. I do, however, have a good amount of vacation time now and this of course is good.

Because of that I’m thinking of doing more of the normal vacation thing that everyone seems to do and take longer time off for a given trip. My usual trips are about a 5 to 10 hour drive somewhere which I've been known to do in a long weekend (3 days). This will of course save me money on the travel bit, while using more of my vacation days to enjoy the location rather than spend it driving.

Anyhow, I’ll keep it to this for now, and see anyone who’s off to AC there… maybe... if I can find you.

Current Mood: Good
Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
10:14 pm
Life Update [Re-post from FA]
Wow, am I getting bad keeping my online presence updated. I guess real life has kept me busy enough, although still not very interesting in RL land though.

Being the first month of the new year, lets start with a brief review of last year. 2013 overall was not too bad, but the last part of it got a bit stressful and was not overly pleasant.

Changes were happening to my job that had me both negotiating and considering leaving my place of employment. I did end up staying with the company, but at a loss which I consider mostly unnecessary and only beneficial to the company I work for. Basically the main issue I had was my commute was going from 5km (3 miles) to about 80km (50 miles) each way. Debating if I should leave and what would happen had me mildly stressed for the end of 2013.

Sadly the economy here took a turn for the worst, and saw about 10,000 jobs being lost VS about 3,000 jobs being gain per week in the month of December so that I figured I should stay where I am for the moment. So now I commute westwards 2 hours a day, and the weather hasn't also been very kind this year either.

Having 2 weeks off for the winter break was nice, but on my last working day of 2013, literally heading homewards from work my car exhaust decided to give out. I really shouldn't complain much since it lasted a good 11 years, but it was an expense I really didn't need before Christmas. Add to that, my first day off on the Monday I managed to get a nasty cold and decided to quarantine myself to prevent the cold from spreading made for a somewhat lonely Christmas holidays.

Anyhow, looking ahead I should attempt to be a little more social than I have been. Maybe someday invite some people over to the house or meet up with people on my commute route which spans a few cities. I still have a bunch of things I should post on here picture wise, but I have to admit I've been lazy with that.

Also, I'll have to figure out what cons I would attend. Two of the cons I went to before are now gone/replace with another, still debating on going to them or skipping. I think for sure MWFF will be one I go to since I always have fun at that one. Guess I'll see how the year pans out and see (also the Canadian dollar is tanking, which sucks for travel to the U.S. Not good).

Well, enough of be blabbering. Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm.

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Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
2:53 pm
New suit: Shiba Inu [Re-post from FA]
I actually had the incomplete suit out at FurFright and did the actual debut of the completed suit at MWFF. This as I mentioned in the last post is a shiba inu in the style of a lot of the Japanese fursuits seen.

I did some experimenting with this suit, especially the eyes, which is a method of making eyes that is new to me. I've also attempted to see if Oogoo silicon casting was possible. It is but the result are not going to be anywhere as good as the more main stream was of silicon casting. I basically made the nose and paw pads out of it.

I've been debating a Japanese name for this character that doesn't sound like it was name from someone living in North America. The Japanese names I see here seem to typically be species + elemental, color, etc. in Japanese. Where as the names I've heard Japanese furries give to their fursuit characters actual sound like names, so not putting species, elemental, color, etc. in their names.

Unfortunately I couldn't really think of anything so if I couldn't come up with anything I was going to call him Azuki (小豆) or red bean. Then I thought, a lot of my old ex-Japanese co-workers had Hiro as part of their name so I think I'll settle with Azuhiro, pronounced A-zu-hi-ro.

I don't think I was out long enough or often enough and the character doesn't stand out enough to be taken pictures of, so I'll try to get some pictures of it at a later time. Sorry about that.

Current Mood: Creative
2:52 pm
Back from MWFF [Re-post from FA]
I'm so glad I have the day off today, and with that thought, not looking to go back to work tomorrow.

MWFF this year was great, and I enjoyed it a lot! Although I'm not one who attends actual con stuff much, it isn't difficult to see that the con is well done by the staff just by walking through it.

For me cons have always been a social thing, and this one was great in terms of the number of people that I knew who went there. Sorry to anyone who I didn't spend more time with. That's unfortunately now the nature of a large size con.

I managed to get my new suit out for a bit at this con and in it's not-completed state at FurFright and I think I did alright with it. A few people managed to figure out what I was trying to make so that's cool. Basically it is a shiba inu in the style of what a good chunk of the Japanese fursuits look like. I'm going to have to make some changes to the head to deal with an issue, but otherwise it turned out well. I've been debating a name for him, but I'll leave that in my next post.

I've come to enjoy people watching at cons, and MFF is a good one for that with their large lobby and stairs leading from the lower lobby/con space to the hotel check-in lobby. It is especially cool to see all the fursuits out there and I continue to marvel at the level of quality and appeal the suits have compared to a mere 10 year ago. Sure there was good suits back then as well, but we definitely have more of them and better looking.

Anyhow, I suppose this is more a mish-mash of thoughts more than a con report, but in short I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed MWFF this year. My only wish was I spent more time with people, but with 3 days and lots of people around, that is no doubt difficult to do.

I'll see everyone at MWFF 2014!

Current Mood: Good and not looking forward to work tomorrow
Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013
2:07 pm
AC and a general update
Like a bunch of other people, I haven’t updated this in too long. I guess I don’t find the day-to-day stuff really post worthy for me to post anything up.

I haven’t taken time off, found a room or any other preparation for Anthrocon this year, so obviously at this point I won’t be going for the full duration of that con. Since I do live relatively close to it, I can make it a weekend trip. Again, I don’t have any preparations made so I may just end up skipping it entirely this year.

At this point I think the only con I’m sure I’ll be aiming to get to is MWFF, not sure of any other con. We’ll just see what happens and play it by ear, I guess. Much like I’ll see how this weekend goes.

In other news, had a bit of stress with mortgage hunting as my mortgage matured this year and I needed to figure out what to do. Was worried about that for a while as I transitioned from one institution to another and that doesn’t always tend to go smoothly for the usual reasons. Now that it’s complete I’m good, though I’ve committed to a 5 year term, which with the rates right now is something I wanted to lock into. Won’t be moving anywhere for a while, should I choose.

It’s been a much more…. regular weather pattern we’ve been having this year, with more even amounts of rain and sunshine. Means I’m not getting out on the bike quite as much, but I’m still using the motorcycle quite often. I'll use that over the car when I can.

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for good tools and buying them when on sale. It kind of stems from doing maintenance on one of my bikes recently (checking the valves clearance) and realizing how painfully slow some mundane task can take if you don’t have good tools. That kind of poked me into looking around for good tools that I know I’ll probably need, at good prices. I figured with a lot of them, they should outlast me, if my father’s work bench is any indication. Good tools really do make a difference, and I’m hoping to have a good set before I have to deal with anything that would need them. You really don’t want to buy them when you really need them and they’re at full price, especially when you know how cheap they go on sale.

As for fursuit stuff, I’m working on it, extremely slowly. Granted I’m experimenting too, but it’s been slow. A lot of that is simply procrastination and lack of drive. This is why I’m not taking any commission at the moment, for those that might be wondering. I don’t think the best time to make anything is when you have no motivation to do it. Still I’m going to try to have it ready for MWFF. I hope I can at least do that. Time does feel like it’s flying. I mean, look, we’re already half way through the year!

Anyhow, I’ll leave it at that for now. Not sure when I’m going to post next and I’m not going to keep any promises since I can’t guarantee I will post soon, or that there will be anything news worthy to post, but until then, take care all!

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Wednesday, March 27th, 2013
12:45 pm
Haven't used this thing in a while...
...Granted, life hasn't been too interesting enough to merit posting something, till recently.

I've been less and less social as of late, being busy at work and somewhat busy at home. Maybe more lazy at home than anything, but I don't know if it's the winter blues or what, but I've been feeling more and more separated from the furry group and I feel I have less relevancy with other furs. In general just being asocial. The past couple of larger events kind of confirmed that feeling, since it took longer than usual to get into con mode and I wasn't very social, or at least I couldn't really get into the conversation anyone was having.

That being said, earlier in the year I thought I had a lead for a room at FCN but it turned out I didn't, so at this point I have no room there and haven't taken the vacation time off to go. Mind you, I haven't done any real serious hunting for a room either, but I think I will pass on rooming with strangers this time around. Maybe this year I'll make it that if I can only find strangers to room with at a con, I'll just skip it altogether.

Some house issues...Collapse )

Otherwise I'm trying to dabble with fursuit building again, but progress has been slow. I am trying to experiment with some things as well, so I guess the extra time is justified, but I'm not going to lie, a lot of it is procrastination.

Well, spring is slowly coming here and I hope to be on the bike again more than just a bit. Hopefully I can shake off this winter-blues feeling.

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2013
12:15 pm
Year in Review
Looking back at 2012, it wasn't a bad year for me, certainly I can’t complain since I have my health, a home, and a fairly good job, but I think this turned out to be one of the more anti-social years I've had. It was almost to the point where I would mostly meet with co-workers and family, and not many people else. When I did go out to socialize it seems like it was during holidays, cons or special occasions but not really much else, so for those who saw me at cons or anywhere you probably found I was somewhat distant or less social-able, I’m sorry for that as it took some time to get back into the social head space.

I guess a few things that led to me being more anti-social last year was the lack of updating my social media connections, insuring all my motorcycles (and therefore wanting to use all them thoroughly), and also wanting to enjoy the house more. I definitely lucked out with insuring all the motorcycles as the weather for 2012 really co-operated and stayed dry and nice for riding. As for enjoying the house, 2012 saw me doing some more cooking of treats and spending a good chunk of time there. It’s fun, and now I think I’m good at making a few things like cookies and a couple of types of pie. Having yummy things around is a good thing!

Amazingly, I didn't do any fursuit builds in 2012 at all, at best some minor repair, but otherwise no actual builds. I did start making a head base mold and fiber-resin bust from a plaster bust of Wookiee, which I hope to be using instead of the plaster bust. The thing weighs quite a bit. A fiberglass resin bust will definitely be easier to work with and be less of a pain.

Hopefully this year will see me doing more fursuit stuff. For those who joined this journal in hopes of seeing more of the fursuit stuff, sorry about not posting more from that side of things.

I did, instead, decide to learn some useful stuff that hopefully will save me money in the long run: automotive repair and maintenance, which also goes well with motorcycle repair and maintenance. Part of the idea here is to exchange labor costs with tools for working on vehicles. Seeing as labor for mechanics can be anywhere from $50/hr to $120/hr depending on where you go, there are several things that would be totally worth buying the tools and doing the work yourself. If you can do the work yourself, you save and come away with a useful tool which you could use later. Luckily in this day and age YouTube has plenty of informative videos, and Google can find what you need as well to make your life easier.

One thing that kind of worries me from last year was that I didn't really strongly look forward to anything. For example, I didn't look forward to any cons that I went to last year and most of them crept up on me until it felt like I was going through the motions to prepare for the con. It was nice to have the time off and meet up with friends, but leading up to it I didn't feel any strong excitement. Maybe I've been to too many and need a break? Do something different? I don’t know. Hope things will be different this year.

Speaking of different this year, I think I’m going make changes from last year so thing feel more like they uses to in the years before. I’ll try to socialize more by at least going on one new social media outlet, which in this case for me is FA. I've made an account there and you can find me as PPardus. I’ll be posting the stuff I've made in the past there and hopefully being more social-able. Also, I’ll try doing that in the RL world to and get out and meet people. I’ll also see about building fursuits again and see how that goes as well.

Well, Happy New Year, everyone! Hope 2013 turns out to be a good one!

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Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
12:37 pm
Furfright and Life Update
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but truthfully there isn’t too much interesting for me to post so I’ve been quiet as of late, mostly reading LJ instead of blogging.

I’ve been planning on attending Furfirght but I’m still hunting around for a room, I haven’t had much luck yet finding one. Looks like this is a con where I do have trouble finding a room, but if anyone has one available I’m looking. Otherwise I'll just pass on Furfright and possible do another con.

Things have been good otherwise: the weather has been on the pro-motorcycling side of things with little rain so I’ve been riding lots this summer. It’s getting into mid September and we’re still in the mid-20C (about 70F to 80F) here, so still plenty of nice weather for riding.

I’ve been doing maintenance on the car this year changing probably every fluid in it, so it should be good for a while with exception to the engine oil. The bikes I’ve been doing the regular maintenance, but I still need to do the valve clearance on the Bandit, which is a good one day job or more depending on if the clearance is off. I’ve kind of been avoiding that due to all the work involved.

I’ve been pondering getting an FA account and decided that if I make another fursuit I’ll get one, as I don’t really have anywhere where I’ve posted the suits I’ve made. Granted, I’m not sure when I’ll make my next suit. Winter time sounds good when I don’t have the ability to do outdoor-ish stuff.

I’ve also been interested with the following (videos under cut):Collapse )

So, like all my other journals, this one has become longer than I probably should have made it, but that’s what I’ve been up to. I could probably stand to use more socializing in my life, but otherwise it’s been a good summer.

Until the next time I post, whenever that maybe, take care all!

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Friday, June 29th, 2012
12:03 pm
Anthrocon Report: Better Late Than Never!
Anthrocon was more fun this year than other years, not sure why exactly, but I enjoyed myself more this year than before. I guess part of it is being with good company, which is why I go to cons in the first place. I did my general thing of wandering around, bumping into people and chatting. It’s always good to catch up with people you don’t get to see too often.

There was a slight “adventure” while heading down to the con. I’m about 5 hours away from AC and the weather was good, so this year I brought the bike down. Well, I was stupid and didn’t get gas when I could so I ran out in a place that’s pretty much out in the country about 50 minutes north of Pittsburgh on I-79. I figured I would be able to see a gas station less than 30 miles apart, but I was wrong. I ended up moving the bike about ¾ miles (about a km) under a bridge and finding a house nearby where I could get some gas from. I thanked that nice gentleman a lot for the gas too, saved my butt.

Stupidly, since I was on a slight hill going downhill to the bridge I figured I could coast a little with some pushing while I sat on the bike. The slope wasn’t steep enough to get enough gravitational help so it ended being more work than just regular pushing. When I decided to stop that, I stopped the bike and put it on the side stand, but apparently the side stand wasn’t fully out all the way so the bike did rest on it for a split second before moving forwards, as I was getting off, and falling down. I am amazed how strong the Givi cases are! I think most of the weight ended up on the case and the engine guard, but the case was only slight scratched with a 300+ lbs weight on it. The only other real damage I had was the turn signal housing (again), but that’s all fixed up now so all is good there.

One good thing about doing stupid things, you often end up with a story later, but anyways back to Anthrocon.

I didn’t end up suiting much at this con although I did get in suit twice. I think that was in part due to wanting to chat with people and seeing other suits that were around, and on Sunday anyways, getting a tummy ache. FireLeo is getting to be 8 years old, so I probably should make a new suit for myself, although he’s very easy to transport, fitting everything into a bike tail bag, and of course he’s cooler than a full on fursuit, but he’s showing his age.

There was a group of about 14 Japanese furs at Anthrocon this year too, of who I was able to talk to a few with. Even though I’ve been around in furry for a while, I don’t think most realize I can speak enough Japanese to pass as one. It was neat hear how the other side of the world does furry stuff and cons. I also volunteered to be a stand-by translator for one of the GoH, Sardyuon since there was only one actual translator and a stand-by, but you never know when you may not be able to reach both those people. I was called down for opening ceremonies since neither was found then, but the stand-by showed up by the time I got there, and the original translator several minutes later. Needless to say they didn’t need me for the rest of the con as the main translator probably got a little more organized.

Speaking of which, I think Sardyuon’s show is the first event in a long time where I actually stayed for the entire event/panel at a con. Since I’m a fan of Cirque Du Soleil, this was right up there with what I like and furry too! It was a good show, and the pup can definitely juggle and balance well! I enjoyed his show. Hopefully he’ll be able to come back another year to perform again. Things like this do inspire me to be creative again.

Well, as usually with my posts, it’s become long again. Probably why I don’t have twitter, but anyways I’ll leave it here. The con was much fun, and my next one is probably going to be FurFright. Till something else interesting happens and I have enough time, laters all.

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Friday, June 1st, 2012
1:07 pm
Anthrocon Room Hunt
Yup, I'm coming into this one late. All the usual people I tend to room with are not available so I'm still looking for a room for AC. Hopefully I'll find something but if not, I may just pass on it this year or just do a weekend ride down and say hello to furs there.

Since I haven't found a room yet, I haven't taken off any days for it either, but I maybe OK to get days off until next week. I'll see, and depends what happens.

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Saturday, March 10th, 2012
8:51 am
Out in Japan
Made it to Japan in one piece. The flight is definitely a pain in the butt (14 hour flight).

I'm for the moment staying in a hotel near Haneda Airport and will be heading to Matsuyama in the morning. May not have steady internet access so I may not be online much this week.

Heading back to Canada on the 18th. Back to the regular stuff on the 19th.

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Friday, February 24th, 2012
11:54 am
Been a while since I’ve used this…
Well, not really. I’ve been reading, just not writing; nothing too interesting to write about these days. Since I am writing now, I guess I’ll update some things going on in my life.

I’ve, as always, taken some road trips, both during the winter break and also for the long weekend and they’re always fun and it’s good to meet up with friends but with more of my money going into the house and other stuff I’ve not been to take as many trips as I once did. Sad, but it’s a trade off.

Since I do now own a house, I figured I should enjoy it more than I have been and do stuff in it. I haven’t been going out much lately, but staying in and kind of started some cooking as a hobby, mainly deserts and treats. I think I’m getting good at some of the stuff I make, and I’ll keep playing around with it for the while until other hobbies get in the way. I probably should also think about inviting some more people over. I know one of my friends was curious about seeing the place.

In mid-March I’ll be heading off to Japan on a business trip for a week. I’m glad I’m going now since the summers are usually really hot with near 100% humidity that just leaves you sticky all the time. Right now where I’m going it’ll be nice weather, maybe on the cool side but nothing as cold as our winters here. There should be a few interesting days there, but I expect the rest to be mostly work and little else.

Hmmm, I’m planning on heading to FCN but I haven’t even started with hunting for a room. I probably should get on to that…

Anyhow, I think I’ll leave it at that for now. Until next time, whenever that will be, taah!

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
8:54 am
FurFright Update
Unfortunately I will be passing on FurFright this year, sorry for all those who were expecting me there.

As it still stands I don’t have anything prepared, including rooming or vacation days taken off, and I did end up using a vacation day for the past long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving), so I’ve decided to skip FurFright this year.

For those who expressed concern for my father, thank you. His surgery sounds like its routine, basically they’re going to fix a pinched never or something of the sort in his back that’s causing him pain in his leg. We pretty much expect no complications from this operation. I will probably use the remaining vacation time I originally set for FurFright to help my father, if he needs it, or take it on a weekend sometime.

To all those going to FurFright, have a safe trip there and have a lot of fun!

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Monday, October 3rd, 2011
2:58 pm
FurFright, maybe?
So I originally was planning to go to FurFright, but a couple of things have put me down to the “Maybe” list.

The people I originally was planning on rooming with are no longer able to go, and I’m not prepared to absorb the full cost of 4 nights of rooming by myself. The main person I was going to room with was gracious enough to offer to pay his part, but I’m not about to accept it if he’s not even coming. He was originally planning on going too, but really didn’t look up the dates for FurFright and later found a conflict in his schedule.

I was also preparing to cancel my trip to FurFright for my father’s surgery which is due to happen on the Monday after FurFright. It wasn’t known what help he would need from me until recently, which turned out to be nothing. I’ll be helping him out when he gets discharged from the hospital later in the week. He’ll be in the hospital till then to recover and for physical therapy.

With these two items in mind, I really have nothing prepared for FurFright. No room and no days taken off, travel I have a few vehicles so I’m fine there, so I may just cancel this year seeing how close it is, unless I can manage to get a room and take the days off.

Anyhow, I’ll probably decide soon. We have a long weekend coming up this weekend in Canada, so if I don’t go to FurFright maybe if I’m lucky I can use a vacation day there for the long weekend and make it even longer instead of going to FurFright.
Thursday, August 11th, 2011
11:01 am
Neglecting LJ
Which I do so well! Kind of the same reason I’ve not joined any other social networking media’s either. But anyways, it’s been 5 months since I last updated this thing so let’s get on with it. Note: I do read LJ, but just not posting myself.

Anyhow, not too sure if I have anything too news worthy to put up in the last 5 months, things have been fairly routine with work, home stuff and long weekend trips. Since my last post I’ve been to FCN and AC in terms of cons and just visited FE and Condition. As funny as it seems I’ll probably go to the U.S. cons more so than the ones here in Canada because A) Time and cost for travel, B) I know more people down south, which is the more important item seeing as I don’t often find roomies up here.

Speaking of, that leads to me admitting that I don’t socialize much with the furs around here. Some reasons are age differences and maturity level differences I guess. Still I’m sure to be able to find some groups of furs here that I can relate too. There’s got to be, with several hundred furs around the general area I’m sure a bunch of good ones are hiding about.

On another subject, this summer has been really good for motorcycling, which I still do. In July, we probably got like 6mm of rain or so. The car has been highly neglected and if it could cry it would be crying the bitter tasting used 5w20 oil because I don’t use it nearly enough. We’re now getting a good mix of rain and sun now in August so I expect to see more use out of the car, which speaking of I’m investing in more tools to do maintenance on the car and save the $110/ hour of labor some mechanics like to charge.

In the creative activities department I’m not doing anything creative at the moment, although I’ve pondered going back and doing some music in a band or something. I did recently watch bits of the Colbert Report, which I find funny and think would make for an interesting show if there was a furry version, maybe something to do at a con? Otherwise been having a good lazy summer, probably not helped by the heat.

Otherwise, I’m just chugging along at my regular pace for now. If anyone local wants to do something for the weekends that lives relatively close by give me a shout and I’ll check my schedule. Oh, and also Labor Day weekend is coming up, so if anyone farther away than local wants to do something for that weekend I’m definitely up for something!

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Thursday, March 10th, 2011
11:39 am
Been a while since I last used this…
…for actually putting a journal entry in anyways. I do get a chance to read through LJ on the weekdays, but I think it’s time I wrote something.

Life’s kind of been routine and bland, probably due in part to the weather and not doing much socializing on my end. I need to look around for local friends. Oh yeah, having the house also has obviously cut my budget and with everything on the rise price-wise it makes it more difficult to travel (petrol in Toronto is roughly $1.23/Liter or roughly $4.85US/Gal with the current exchange rate).

After getting the house I’ve also pretty much lost the motivation to do any fursuit work. Could be because I’m more interested in doing house work and the day-to-day, week-to-week chores required, but the motivation to go and make a suit, commission or personal has not returned. Maybe inspiration is part of it too, which is why I haven’t been showing anything lately. I barely made a partial last year and nothing so far this year.

Work’s been good for the most part, but I’m expecting a lot of change in the near future. There are rumors going about, some confirmed some not, so not quite sure what’s going to be happening in the span of a years time. Whatever happens I’ll survive. Worst thing that can possibly happen is me going to a new job, but I’ll see what happens when the dust settles.

Furnal Equinox is this weekend, and starts tomorrow. I’m kind of indifferent about this con since I only know a few people going there, but then again it’s probably one way to meet the local furry group and maybe find a local bunch to hang out with. I hate to say it but I already know some of them I won’t get along with, knowing them from before. In any case I’ll probably go there for a few hours Friday or Saturday and see if I have any fun. If I do I might register and stick around longer, but not having a room at the con I know I’ll probably not be there long and participate in anything. Last year was like that, but then again last year it was also really nice out and I took the chance to ride the motorcycle a lot.

Speaking of motorcycles… the weather just sucks right now. If it’s warm enough (above freezing) to ride it’s raining, otherwise the rain water has frozen over and it’s cold. At this rate March will see no riding at all, unlike last year which was mostly dry and around 13C / 55F. Oh well, at least I’m prepared, bought a new helmet to replace the damaged one while down state side. Was cheap although not the print design I wanted.

State side I was there again for the long weekend in February and met up with Ferian. That was definitely fun and I got to meet up with a lot of other furs I knew. Had a good time there and will have to meet up with him again sometime this year. I think I will stick to doing road trips for the long weekend even with my smaller disposable income.

Hmm, if you don’t post for a while you make a long post to make up for it. Well, hopefully the next time I will post sooner than a 2 months span. Although I’m not sure how many people are very interested in what’s up in my life? Anyhow, till next time.

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Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
9:38 am
Status on FC
I will not be making it this year.

Unfortunately getting things rolling late pretty much caused me not to be able to go. Next year I’ll need to start planning earlier. I did get a room offer last Friday, but it was for a suite and out of my budget, and the prices for airline tickets shot up another $150 the next day so yeah, no FC for me this year.

Truth be told I’m not overly upset about it. Heck a little over a week ago I was in Chicago for the New Years, and on the week of the 20th I’ll be going to the Atlanta area for work. I’ll be doing a fair bit of travelling even without going to FC, so probably next year I’ll make proper early plans to go there.

With that in mind I think my next full con will be FCN, unless there’s something else before that? Maybe I’ll pick another con to go to during the summer since that seems to be a huge hole there right now for me, or maybe hit Vegas?

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9:21 am
Nice Beginning to the New Year
Basically I was in the Chicago area with friends, and that tends to be a good place to be on New Year’s Eve and day. It was good to spend the time with the Chicago group and get to know some of them better.

Getting there I was met with a snow covered city which quickly disappeared with a warmer than average few days. Still it was nice to see all the Christmas decorations with a fair amount of snow, which was unlike Toronto which had next to no snow.

Spending the days being lazy around friends is a nice way to be. I mostly just relaxed and chatted with no hurry to go anywhere or no schedule or anything to worry about. Pretty similar to a con actually.

Special thanks go to Cheetah and Cala for letting stay at their place for the days before New Years and Nius and Zannah for a day after, always good to meet up with you guys when I’m there.

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Monday, December 27th, 2010
2:07 am
FC Status: Will I be there?
As of now I maybe going or maybe not.

Right now I've got the days off work but I have no room yet nor do I have a plane ticket to FC, and I'm sure most of you know the price of a plane ticket gets more expensive as we get closer to the departure date. Anyways, it is my fault in that I didn't request the days off earlier at work, thus not having bought the ticket yet or having a room.

Actually there is one time I did go to a con without a room when I arrived, but that time I had a car which I could lock up all my stuff and go anywhere if I needed so I was going to chance going. In this case flying to a con I wouldn't have the same luxury so I'm not going to chance flying there without already having a room.

If I don't find a room to stay in soon and ticket prices for San Jose goes up, I think I'll just cancel going this year. Truthfully if I'm going to fly out to California then I probably should be making a week trip out of it and not just for the period of the con. As it stands if I get everything wrapped up in the last minute I think I'll be paying more than I would like to.

So yeah, if I get a room to stay in soon and the plane ticket prices prices are still cheap I'll probably go, otherwise I'll pass on this one. The latter is the easier of the 2 things to do.

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